9:25 to Mennagio



925 to Menaggio

One of the definitively memorable experiences on Lake Como is riding any of the dozens of ferry boats that connect all the towns and villages. On a sunny day in late April, I don’t mind waiting at all.

I’ve found another sweet little set-up by JD & . Infiniti . called – All My Bags Are Packed, also available at Pose Fair 2014. I’ve left my set, free to use, at the Basilique landing point. There are 20 poses, all adjustable. It’s a great place to wait for your ferry in the warm spring sun overlooking the lake. Hope you have a great day!

Click here for the bigger version of the shot above.

Party in a Box

Party in a Box 5

I’m late, late, late to the pose party, usually relying on poses in my furniture or my AO do my posing for me when taking pictures.

With the happy arrival of Pose Fair 2014, however, I decided it just wasn’t going to get any easier to sample hundreds of poses all in one place (at least until next year).

My favourite find

Party in a Box 4

I absolutely love the naturally balanced, emotive, and almost sculptural look and feel of these poses available in the amazingly versatile Diesel Work’s PolyWall.

I’ve included a few samples of a very simple set up in terms of background, lighting and (lack of) wardrobe, in the very noble interests of… ahem… showing off the poses in the best possible light.

Pose Fair 2014

Party in a Box 14

I found a tonne of other poses that I just can’t wait to try in all my new spring outfits and in all sorts of new settings. So, I’m very happy with my visit to Pose Fair, and I urge you to get down there to sample and buy the works of many creators, of whom it has been said get relatively short shrift from both bloggers and photographers (myself included).

More from this set

Party in a Box 8

If you like the samples I’ve included, click on them to see them bigger on my Flickr. I’ll be uploading my favourite shots from the session over the next few days.

Special thanks to Strawberry Singh for providing the inspiration for this post through her Monday Meme: Strike a Pose Challenge.

Basilique Weekly News – No. 14: 3 weeks in, half way there

Caitlin Tobias in the Devil Avatar for Paradise Lost - Photo by Caitlin Tobias

Caitlin Tobias in the Devil Avatar for Paradise Lost – Photo by Caitlin Tobias

The latest round-up of news coming from Basilique and the Basilique Performing Arts Company.

Top Stories:

  • Fundraising surpasses $500 USD Milestone
  • Half the Premiere Season of Paradise Lost now Sold Out
  • Paradise Lost Reviews – now all in one place
  • Review Blog Posts of Note
  • The New Basilique Private Member’s Club Opens

Fundraising for WWF surpasses $500 USD milestone

Funds raised for WWF by Paradise Lost in Second Life as of April 14, 2014

Funds raised for WWF by Paradise Lost in Second Life as of April 14, 2014

I was delighted to discover we had reached the 50% mark on our fundraising thermometer.

These funds alone could employ a park ranger to protect the critically endangered mountain gorillas for nearly 5 months! I’m confident we’ll reach our goal, but we still need more help. Remember that 50% of all ticket sales, donations, tips and sponsorships go to the WWF Adopt-A-Gorilla Program.

Read more to learn about how you can help us get that closer to 12 months!

Half the Premiere Season of Paradise Lost is now Sold Out

Half the season sold out

Now just over two weeks into the run of Paradise Lost in Second Life, we have officially sold out half of the scheduled shows. If you want to see a performance, you need to get yourself down to the marketplace and get a ticket, because they are going really, really quickly.

Paradise Lost Reviews – all in one place

Angel Clapping_001

You’ll have noticed I’ve posted two blog posts relating to reviews of Paradise Lost. It looks like we’ll be getting a lot of them, so I’ve created a page on the Basilique website that contains them all. See page for all the audience reviews…

Review Posts of Note

We do our best to scan the interwebs for mentions of Paradise Lost, and noticed about half a dozen review posts that I wanted to share with you:

Ziki Questi wrote:

While the current plan is forParadise Lost to run through June, I wouldn’t be surprised if, like Romeo and Juliet, it will be extended by popular acclaim.”

Read more…

Fugazi Fitzpatrick wrote:

words aren’t enough. Paradise Lost needs to be felt, to be experienced. If you’re only going to do attend one cultural or artistic event in Second Life this year, it has to be this one. It’ll change your perspective on what our world is and can be.”

Read more…

Kat Feldragronne wrote:

The show itself was amazing and, I think, truly ground-breaking in SL.

Read more…

Kitty Wytchwood wrote:

With the limitations of SL and lag stacked against them, I applaud the ambition and the dedication of Basilique. I haven’t heard of anyone else creating anything like this in SL, and a show of this magnitude is certainly an undertaking. To achieve so much and so well is fantastic. I think this is definitely a troupe to watch as they go forward and as SL and virtual technology gets cleverer and cleaner.

Read more…

Mona Eberhardt wrote:

In all, Paradise Lost in Second Life lives up to the “hype”. Meticulously conceived, designed, scripted and directed, it really brings Milton’s poem to life and pushes the envelope of what we thought (or knew) could be done within Second Life and similar virtual worlds… Honestly, I do not think I can recommend this event highly enough. I’ve said it before: even if it is the only in-world artistic event you’ll attend in 2014, do not miss it. You cannot afford to miss it.

Read more…

If we missed your review, please add a link to it in the comments below.

The New Basilique Private Member’s Club Opens

NEW Basilique Club_002.jpg

With the 2014 production now well underway, we found the time to complete our full region plan, with moving the Members Club facilities to the ground. We’ve also planned to host weekly discussion events, starting on April 30th. Read more…

The usual stuff…

Trailer Playlist

Now that we have 4 of 7 trailers, we thought it be cool to create a playlist that has them all, for easier sharing (hint, hint!). And here is the playlist that we’ll be adding to with more videos as we create them:

Poster Gallery

Paradise Lost Ticket Update: Half of all shows now Sold Out



Half the season sold out

Tickets for Paradise Lost are selling out fast. Six of the twelve shows scheduled for the premiere season have now sold out, and it’s only been just over two weeks since the Premiere Show. If you’re keen on particular dates, don’t miss out on getting your tickets as soon as possible on the marketplace.

Remember, if you arrive at the marketplace and there are no tickets visible – make sure you set Show Maturity Levels to “General, Moderate, Adult” and you’ll see all the shows with tickets remaining!

Weekly Salons to be held at the new Basilique Members Club

Club Garden facing Basilica

Club Garden featuring from left to right, the Basilica, the Chapel, and the Bathhouse

Now that Paradise Lost in Second Life is up and running at least until late June, Harvey and I found the time for a task we’ve wanted to complete for months now: hire a new barman! ;) And now that that’s taken care of… we have consolidated every part of the Basilique Region to the ground level, with the last piece of the puzzle now in place: the Basilique Members Club.

NEW Basilique Club_001.jpg

The Chapel

While considering the Members Club’s form and function since it opened in January 2013, we’ve made a few alterations to not only place, but also to theme.

First, we’ve streamlined the Members Club buildings to the two most often used locations: The Chapel (pictured above) and The Bathhouse (pictured below). The Chapel remains smart dress only, the Bathhouse remains nude only.

NEW Basilique Club_002.jpg

The Bathhouse

Second, we have planted a new Members Club Garden to enjoy the outdoors in privacy, creating a leafy green square between the Chapel, Bathhouse, Playhouse and Basilica. The Garden is a relaxing place to sit and chat with a friend or two, with only the sounds of the birds and the refreshing breezes blowing through the Cherry Trees to keep you company.

NEW Basilique Club_003.jpg

The Club Gardens

Thirdly, and in regards to theme, we will bring weekly events back to the Members Club. In the Members Club buildings and garden, we’ll be holding Members Club salon-type events, focused on hosting interesting and topical conversations and playing games. The Bar Moderna will remain the primary venue for dancing and DJs. The Basilica and the Playhouse will remain the main theatrical spaces.

Another look at our BathHouse

A look at inside the BathHouse

One of the things I like to do most inworld, is further develop conversations about things I’m reading about on Second Life blogs, things that I hear on the Drax Files Radio Hour, or things that I see on Second Life social media. Harvey and I often get involved in interesting conversations about these topics; we find them great fun and always welcome others who might be around to join in. Perhaps it’s not for everyone, but we think there might be more people out there who might be interested in something similar.

The Chapel interior

The Chapel interior

Therefore, we’ll be scheduling unstructured weekly Salons around topical and interesting conversation topics. We’ll start with the planned topic, but really, where it leads is up to the people who show up. There’s no need to RSVP, and certainly no need to send regrets. If it’s just Harvey and I that show up, that’s fine too, we can easily talk about nearly anything of interest till the wee hours anyway.

On slow Second Life news weeks, we might instead hold a games night, like Cards Against Humanity (a hugely popular game now playable inworld), random games we enjoy playing with drinks in our hands, or maybe even bring back “name-that-TV-tune”. We might even invite a few high-profile Second Life residents to join us for some relaxed meet and greets.

These events will take place weekly on Wednesdays at 1pm SLT and will be scheduled for roughly two hours. You can come for a little while, or attend the whole thing.

Paid membership to the Basilique Group is required to attend, but we’re not in it for the membership fees. If you’d like to join us the conversation without paying the membership fee, we’ll likely just let you in for the event if you let us know. To be honest, the $1000 membership fee for the Club Membership serves mainly to help us keeping out those who aren’t interested in playing nice with others. It’s not a fail-safe, but it goes a long way to making life easier. Sure, it helps cover some of the costs involved in maintaining a region in Second Life, but donations are always welcome too.

We hope you’ll join us for one, or several, of these conversation meet-ups / salons on Wednesdays between 1PM SLT and 3PM SLT. Events will be listed on the Basilique Events Listing Page.

Our first topic: “What brought you to Second Life? And what keeps you here?”

Give it a try, you’ll never know who you might run into! ;)

There's a new barman in town!

In case you missed it, there’s a new barman in town!

Paradise Lost featured as a Linden Lab Editor’s Pick


I’m very excited to see Paradise Lost featured in Linden Lab’s Destination Guide’s Editor’s Picks Category on the official Second Life website. Follow the orange button to pay us a visit, even when the show isn’t on.

Paradise Lost

Set to the 14 movements of Mozart’s Requiem, the Basilique Performing Arts Co. performs its weekly production of Milton’s “Paradise Lost.” Join in this immersive theatre production and experience the mind blowing show everybody’s talking about. For tickets, be sure to visit http://bit.ly/mpbpac.

Visit in Second Life

Flat Ebbe Linden joins Basilique as Chief Executive Barman

There's a new barman in town!

There’s a new barman in town!

Basilique – April 15, 2014 - Basilique, the makers of Paradise Lost in Second Life, Romeo + Juliet in Second Life, and more, today announced that Flat Ebbe Linden will lead the Private Members Club as Chief Executive Barman (CEB).

Most recently prior to joining Basilique, Flat Ebbe Linden was CEB of HangOut. Prior to that, he was part of the late night shift at We’re a Bunch of Yahoos Social Club, most recently as SVP of Bubbly Alcohol Products. His more than 25 years of experience managing bars that create world-class cocktails and nutty snacks also includes food and beverage roles at Eugenio’s Pizza’n’Suds and Micro Soft Drinks Incorporated.

“We remain committed to world-changing innovation from Basilique,” said Canary Beck of the company’s Board of Directors. “We’re keenly focused on providing incredible experiences for all of our customers, and Flat Ebbe is the perfect person to help lead our team as we continue to serve and grow our shamefully minuscule audience of active users.”

“Basilique has long been at the forefront of building experiences that entertain people while empowering them to express themselves and profit from their drinking habits,” said Flat Ebbe Linden. “Our customers’ alcohol tolerance is unparalleled, and I’m proud to join the talented team that serves them. Basilique is now in its fourteen month, and every day, we continue to create more and more amazing cocktails to enjoy. Though much younger, Paradise Lost has already seen dozens and dozens of angel avatars shared for everyone to play with. I’m absolutely committed to supporting our customers and helping them become even more inebriated. There are significant opportunities ahead, and I look forward to leading us into the next phase of drunkeness.”

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